ACS operates in three rental sectors: menswear, womenswear and babywear.

We provide wholesale menswear rental services, and we act as a fulfilment centre for our womenswear and babywear rental partners.

You can have genuine confidence in the time and energy we spend on our garments. We have one of the most powerful sanitisers in Europe, and every item that we stock gets thoroughly washed, dried, and checked before we send it out to our customers. It then arrives in pristine, ready-to-wear condition – completely free from odours, germs and bugs.

In recent years, technology has really driven cultural change, and fashion rental has become so much more accessible now that you can do it online. With our IT infrastructure, proprietary technologies, and operational capabilities, we are perfectly positioned at the head of this rental revolution.

To see just how experienced we are, and to find out exactly how we can help your business succeed in your specific field, check out each of the three rental areas we operate in below.