ACS signs new partnership to facilitate recommerce

At ACS Clothing, we are delighted to onboard our new partner, Dinoski!

Dinoski, a children’s outdoor clothing brand founded in 2018, brings the perfect combination of fun and functionality to children’s ski wear. Specialising in animal themed ski suits, their brand ethos aims to encourage children to get outside and explore the outdoors. And the excitement doesn’t stop there… the Dinoski clothing range is sustainably ‘made to last’ from recycled plastic bottles, therefore it is good for the planet too!

In 2020, Dinoski decided to take the next step in sustainability by offering a pre-loved range of their ski suits. To do so, Dinoski approached ACS in order to realise the skills, expertise and advanced technology needed to fulfil this offering. ACS have over 23 years of experience in garment refurbishment and fulfillment, therefore we were able to seamlessly integrate Dinoski pre-loved into our operations almost overnight. By providing an end-to-end: cleaning, sanitisation, garment refurbishment, picking, packing and distribution service, we guarantee that each garment is refurbished to ‘as good as new’ condition and ready for recommerce. 

It’s a match made in heaven and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Dinoski pre-loved!