Ozone sanitisation is a core part of what we do at ACS, so to have a dedicated ozone trailer is an incredible innovative step for our circularity initiatives. ACS reached out to students from New College Lanarkshire to create a stunning new collaborative mural on our ozone trailer.

The students used their artistic knowledge to first create the original design and with the help of their Art & Design lecturer, Mia McGregor, visual artist/ community engagement muralist, paint a unique and eye-catching mural that perfectly represents our commitment to innovation and sustainability in the garment industry.

The finished Ozone mural onsite at ACS completed by the students from New College Lanarkshire
New and improved ACS Ozone Trailer

Mia, commented on the process of designing the mural: “Over a number of weeks, we worked to the brief, creating over 30 initial designs. Then with research and planning we collaborated to great 4 final designs. ACS then picked two which were the strongest and we incorporated both. From beginning to end, this was a collaboration.”

A Message from ACS

ACS is dedicated to providing innovative and sustainable solutions to the garment industry, including the use of ozone sanitization for garment cleaning. This technology is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cleaning chemicals and is being increasingly adopted in the industry as a way to reduce water consumption, energy usage, and chemical waste. We are proud to be at the forefront of this movement and strive to continuously develop new and sustainable solutions for the industry.

“Congratulations to the New College Lanarkshire students on their outstanding work on the ACS Ozone Mural!

They’ve captured the essence of our sustainability with artistic flair. The students research and understanding of the business impressively showcased advanced technology behind our once ordinary lorry. Resulting in an exceptional, bright and bold final design that has enhanced our yard receiving many compliments.

Michael Cusack, Head of Sustainability

At ACS, building strong relationships with local community groups is a priority. Our collaborations have led to the creation of our biodiversity bubble, textile garden, and now the wonderful mural. Our partnership with New College Lanarkshire continues to grow and this is yet another success story “

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the incredibly talented students from New College Lanarkshire for their hard work and dedication in bringing our collective vision to life. The final result is a testament to their creativity, skills, and ability to work collaboratively with our team. This will be something great they can carry with them into industry.

The group of New College Lanarkshire students sat around the ACS Sign in from of their Warehouse sitting in the sunlight with their mentor Mia McGregor-Webb
The New College Lanarkshire Team with lecturer Mia McGregor

Our partnership with New College Lanarkshire and the creation of this beautiful mural is a shining example of ACS’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and collaboration. We believe that by working together and embracing new ideas and technologies, we can create a more sustainable future for the garment industry. We look forward to continuing our work with the students and the industry at large, to create a better tomorrow.

Upon completion of the mural, Mia elaborated: “I’m amazed they produced such amazing artwork to the high quality it is. I am incredibly proud of them. This was the first time any of them had painted to this scale and using spray paints. They showed teamwork at its finest and they have developed a sense of being an artist out in the industry. The skills they gained from this experience will serve them purpose for a very long time. They are beyond chuffed and proud of themselves. The VCA (Visual & Creative Arts) team all feel very proud of them.”