This is our key differentiator. We can assist online retailers with garment refurbishment – improving the condition and longevity of clothes which have been returned damaged – so that more items can be sent to recommerce.

Even if the garment is marked with fake tan, makeup, or if it smells of perfume; we’re experts at extending the life of a garment. In turn, we can help to maximise your revenues meaning that you can realise better margins for any spoiled products which may previously have been given to a ‘jobber’ or even discarded to landfill.

From buttons, labels and zips, to holes, stains and rips, no alteration is too big for our specialised refurbishment team. We’ll be pressing, steaming, sewing, fixing, relabelling, testing and more; and our aim is to get stock back to you quickly for resale.

Part of this refurb process includes our pioneering O₃ Ozone cleaning method. Ozone is one of the most powerful sanitisers known to man. It removes odours, kills any germs and bugs, and eliminates 99.8% of viruses.

Oxygen (O₂) passes through an electrical charge turning it into Ozone (O₃). Ozone creates an oxidising effect which leaves the garment sanitised and hygienically clean without using any chemicals. When the cycle has ended, the Ozone simply turns back to Oxygen, having no adverse impact on the environment.

We have the attention to detail and outstanding levels of cleanliness and quality control you’d expect for us to be able to guarantee your brand’s reputation and protection, thus allowing you to obtain maximum return on your garment investment.

We spend the time and effort so that you don’t have to. It’s literally your business and brand in the safest hands.


Caring for garments and for the environment go hand in hand at ACS. Did you know that we’re one of the UK’s largest in-house dry-cleaners?

Our highly trained team of skilled launderers, dry-cleaners and pressers are based in our 85,000 sq ft purpose-built facility and they use state-of-the-art garment handling technology to process around 45,000 garments per week.

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