As a result of multichannel fashion retail sales, an enormous number of garments are being sent back in poor condition by consumers.

Online sales, in particular, are showing no signs of slowing growth, meaning that the non-usable returns dilemma is one that’s here to stay.

Does your business have a problem with the condition of some of the garment returns you receive back? Well, you’ll be delighted to discover that ACS are a proven, ‘out of the box’ solution to any company looking for an answer to this headache.

We have the cure. Our area of returns expertise lies solely in garments which are sent back to you which you would deem non-usable. Our garment refurbishment specialists can transform these types of returns to as good as new.

We’re experts at extending the life of a garment and we can reduce your costs/losses, improve your cash flow and get your stock back to you quickly, ready for recommerce.

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