The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Summit 23, held on June 15, 2023, at London’s iconic Roundhouse, was a gathering of the world’s foremost thought leaders, businesses, and innovators committed to transforming the current linear economy into a sustainable and regenerative circular one. Among the guests was ACS, who were invited to speak on the adaptations we’ve made to enable the circular economy

At Summit 23, the Foundation brought together their extensive network and broader community to discuss the economic imperative of transitioning to a circular economy that is regenerative by design. The vision? A world without waste, where products are designed and utilised in a way that minimises environmental impact and maximises resource efficiency.

ACS Clothing’s Role

Andrew Rough, CEO of ACS Clothing, was one of the many industry leaders invited as a speaker for Summit 23, shedding light on the innovative strides we have taken in pioneering circular economy solutions. ACS Clothing aims to become a symbol of transformation, promoting access over ownership whilst showcasing that the circular economy is not merely a theoretical concept but a practical reality.

The Livestream from Summit 23: Redesigning the Future.
Timestamp: 40.55 to watch Andrew Rough (ACS) and Fanny Moizant (Vestiaire Collective).

The Circular Economy Opportunity

One of the key themes explored at the summit was the significant economic opportunity that the circular economy presents. This opportunity is not just about sustainability; it’s also about innovation and business success. The circular economy model not only reduces environmental harm but also fosters economic resilience against shocks.

Andrew Rough emphasised that ACS Clothing’s journey aligns perfectly with this concept. By renting out high-quality clothing for special occasions, everyday and outdoor wear. ACS has disrupted the fashion industry’s linear model, which generates immense waste. The circular model encourages customers to rent rather than buy, significantly reducing the fashion industry’s environmental footprint while also unlocking economic benefits.

Transitioning to a circular economy requires more than just proactive circular businesses; it also demands supportive policies and financial incentives. This critical aspect was explored in-depth during the summit. The role of policy and financial actors in advancing the transition was discussed, as was the need for new forms of collaboration across the public and private sectors.

ACS Clothing is not just a business success story; it’s also a testament to the importance of supportive policies. The fashion industry faces numerous sustainability challenges, but ACS Clothing’s innovative rental model has proven that with the right support and incentives, businesses can thrive while promoting circularity.

To drive the transition to a circular economy, the world needs powerful stories that inspire change and showcase sustainable solutions. Summit 23 recognised this by welcoming some of the world’s most impactful storytellers and filmmakers.

ACS Clothing’s journey, as shared by Andrew Rough, is an inspiring story that exemplifies the possibilities within the circular economy. It demonstrates how a company can not only reduce waste but also create a thriving business model by promoting sustainability. This powerful narrative plays a crucial role in normalising the idea of a circular economy across society.

The summit also explored the question of what everyday products will look like in a circular future. ACS Clothing’s innovative approach to fashion demonstrated that products can be utilised in a way that minimises waste and environmental impact, the industry can further this by investing in designers who create garments which are designed to last.

In conclusion, Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Summit 23 was a momentous event that showcased the boundless possibilities within the circular economy. ACS Clothing, left a mark by demonstrating that circular economy solutions are not only feasible but also economically viable. Our innovative approach aims to become a benchmark for the fashion industry, proving that the circular economy is not a distant dream but a tangible, profitable reality. As the world looks toward a sustainable and regenerative future, ACS Clothing leads the way as a pioneer and an example to follow.